miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

How much?

bress light it´s 1000 Bs. F.

how much are these blue jeans?
it´s 600 Bs.F
how much is the blouse?
it´s 190 Bs. F
how much are these boots?
they are 350 Bs.F
how much are these black pants?
they are 215 Bs.F

What are you wearing...!!!

She wearing, blouse pink bright and  blue jeans.


He wearing, shirt black, tie and jacket dark.

Dining Room, Bedroom & Kitchen - English Activity

It's a Dining Room. Here there are chairs, dishes,cups and other things. Also, there is a table, there's a flower vase, en around the dining room there is a lamp and there are windows.

It's a Beadroom. Here there are pillow and other things. Also, there is a bed, there's a flower vase, the beadroom there is a lamp, a side table,mirror, rug and there are windows.

It's a Kitchen. Here there are cabinet, chairs,and other things. There is a stove, there's a rug, there is a cabinet, there is a refrigerator and there are windows.

Ecosystem - English activity

Most natural ecosystems are constantly changing. The types and abundance of organisms in the ecosystem change because the abiotic and biotic factors change. For example, changed weather conditions, such as heavy rain or prolonged dry weather, change the availability of food or the presence of disease-causing organisms. However these changes are rarely permanent, and the ecosystem usually recovers over a period of time.
Human activity, on the other hand, can dramatically change the type and composition of an ecosystem. In many cases, the activity can change the ecosystem permanently. For example, much of the lowland coastal forests along the Queensland coast have been cleared for agriculture, particularly sugar cane. Humans can change both the biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem. They can alter the food source through the clearing of vegetation and introduce predators such as cats and dogs to food webs. Clearing also alters soil fertility, and household and industrial wastes can change the quality of the air and water.
Can humans balance their activities and needs as well as conserving, protecting and maintaining the quality of the environment?